What You Get

Sentinel is your teen’s strongest defense against texting, speeding and other unsafe habits. Here’s what’s in the box.
Sentinel what you get

Easy-to-hide Hardware

Neatly tucked out of sight, this smart in-car device alerts drivers of unsafe behavior until they correct it, and shows parents exactly how, when and where their teen is driving.

Multiscreen Reporting

Celebrate progress. See problems. Set goals. Sentinel’s activity reports give parents peace of mind, and help families have better conversations about driving safer.

Sentinel reporting for distracted driving

More Peace of Mind

Worry less, know more. Set boundaries for cellphone use, speed, time of day and location. If your driver ignores Sentinel’s in-car alerts, you’ll get a text or email.

Cellphone Activity

Cellphone Activity

Sentinel detects texting, talking, posting – even “checking”



Set a limit and get an alert if your teen is driving too fast.



Designate safe areas and know where your car is at all times.

Time of Day

Time of Day

Know if your teen is driving past curfew.

Closeup of the sentinel
Tech Specs

Sentinel is one of the most powerful driver activity tracking tools parents can find.

  • Sentinel Device: 6” L x 2.5” W x 1” H
  • Installation: Vehicle OBD II Port, Power Only. External antenna with easy-to-hide cables.
  • Mounting: Velcro
  • Materials: Durable molded polymer designed to blend in with your vehicle
  • Compatibility: Works with almost all vehicles
  • Support: Box includes installation instruction guide, link to installation video and number for tech support by phone
  • Customization: Easily customize in-car alerts and reporting options.

Even National Celebrities Drive with Sentinel

What happens when America’s Digital Goddess becomes the mom of a new teenage driver? They buckle up and drive with Sentinel. Watch these videos to see why she calls Sentinel the “Super-Gadget” that could save your child’s life.

What Parents Have to Say

Safer Driving Starts Today

Talking on a cellphone is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Texting and driving is six times worse, making teens 23 times more likely to crash. Put the brakes on distracted driving, with Sentinel.