Is texting and driving illegal in your state? The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has updated their data regarding whether texting and driving is illegal in each state as well as cell phone use legality.

Talking on a cell phone while driving is not allowed in 15 states and in Washington D.C..

Cell phone use by new drivers is limited in 38 states and Washington D.C..

Texting while driving is completely illegal in 47 states and in the District of Columbia. Missouri, one of the few states that allowed texting while driving, limits novice drivers from texting and driving.

Certain areas have implemented their own bans on the use of cell phone use and texting while driving. In the majority of states, school bus drivers are completely banned from texting and using cell phone use while driving either by state code, regulation or school district policy.

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IIHS 2018 Map of What States Have Banned Cell Phone Use While Driving

The map above displays the states that have included cell phone laws as of 2018, and whether or not that specific state bans texting and driving. The map also shows if the laws are enforced as primary or secondary laws. Secondary laws mean if an officer has another reason for pulling someone over other than the use of cellphones while driving but will still cite a driver for use of cell phone. Any laws without that restriction are called primary law.

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