Distracted Driving Video

Distracted Driving Video in Florida

An interesting, and revealing, distracted driving video posted on YouTube clearly shows the dangerous prevalence of distracted driving on roadways. The video is a time lapse of 20 minutes recording normal traffic at a location along Interstate 95 in south Florida. The video team identified whether drivers were distracted – some by texting, some by talking on their phone – and indicated it on the video. In all, the video displays how often distracted driving occurs. Keep in mind, this is one video, of one section, of one highway, in one state. Distracted driving occurs more often than many people think.

See the video here:

The Sentinel device is a telematics product developed for distracted driving in mind. The Sentinel will assist drivers in developing better driving habits by keeping their eyes on the road. Distracted driving like texting while driving, cell phone use while driving, and web browsing while driving lead to a higher rate in auto accidents.

Don’t wait for your teenager or loved one to become an auto accident statistic:

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