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Distracted driving causes over 1,100 injuries a day, and studies prove it’s just as dangerous as driving drunk. A parent’s worst fear is the thought of their teen being hurt, or hurting others, while texting, Snapchatting or talking on the phone. Encouraging drivers to be a safe driver one by one is the ultimate goal to eliminate distracted driving.

Until now, parents just hoped and prayed for their teenage drivers to get home safely. Not anymore. Sentinel is a smart, new tech device that acts like a virtual parent in a teen’s car — reinforcing safe driving habits even when the parent isn’t there.

But Sentinel is not sold in stores, so parents need people like you to let them know about this invaluable option and where they can buy it. As a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner, you can help ease the anxiety of parents and teenage drivers in your community by connecting them with Sentinel. With over 1 million new drivers getting their license to drive every year, the opportunity is astounding.

Teen Driver and Passenger Using Mobile Phone

What Sentinel Does:

Sentinel reinforces the #1 safe driving habit of our generation:
When you turn on your car, turn off your phone. But don’t worry, this smart tech device still allows parents to communicate with their kids, even when their phone is off.

Sentinel actually helps teens learn to drive safer.
Sentinel combines three proven aspects of behavior-shaping science: Audio alerts, accountability and progress tracking.

Sentinel uses audio alerts to build safer habits.
Just like the seat belt chime, Sentinel reminds teens to put their phones in Airplane mode or turn them off — until it becomes a habit. If a parent needs to get in touch, Sentinel will let them know to safely pull over and turn on their phone.

Sentinel keeps drivers accountable.
If the audio reminder is ignored, and the phone stays on, Sentinel reports that to the parent. Sentinel also alerts parents if their teen is speeding, driving outside a parent-approved radius or driving past the curfew they set.

Sentinel keeps parents informed.
With Sentinel, parents can finally know how their teen is driving, even when they aren’t in the car. Sentinel’s detailed reports can be viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop, so parents and teens can track progress, spot problem areas and have more meaningful conversations about driving safer.

Why Become a Sentinel Safe Driving Partner?

As a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner, you can earn extra income while making a difference. Take real pride in the fact that you:

  • Save lives from the dangers of distracted driving
  • Provide peace of mind to parents
  • Help new drivers build a lifetime of safer habits

As a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner, you will receive one-on-one product training. We believe an educated partner is an effective partner.

As a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner, you will receive professional marketing support.

As a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner, you and your customers will receive superior customer service.

As a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner, we provide you Sales Protection. We guarantee that the leads and customers you bring in are protected and you are paid for your services.

Become a Sentinel Safe Driver Partner today. To get started, talk with us now at (601) 707-4700.

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Safer Driving Starts Today

Talking on a cellphone is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Texting and driving is six times worse, making teens 23 times more likely to crash. Put the brakes on distracted driving, with Sentinel.