Bring Your Child Home Safelly.

Know the instant your child´s
driving becomes risky

Worried about texting and driving? There is no app for that.

Sentinel does what apps can’t do.

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Help your teen learn to drive safer — for life.

Sentinel helps drivers fight distraction by forming the #1
safe driving habit of our generation.

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Put your child’s safety in the palm of your hand. Sentinel Detects

Cellphone Activity

Cellphone Activity

Texting, talking,
posting — even “checking”



Set a limit and get an alert if your teen is driving too fast



Designate safe areas and know where your car is at all times

Time of Day

Time of Day

Know if your teen is
driving past curfew

Know the instant your teen’s driving becomes risky.

Set boundaries for cellphone use, speed, time of day and location. If your driver ignores alerts, you’ll get a text or email.

Know where your car is at all times.

Even when you aren’t in the car. Easily check your car’s location and get alerts if your driver is too far from home.

Communicate safely in an emergency.

Cellphone use is never safe while driving. Especially in an emergency. Use Sentinel to alert your driver to pull over and call you from a safe place.

Track progress together.

Celebrate progress. See problems. Set goals. Our activity reports help families have meaningful conversations about driving safer.

Pop Quiz: What’s worse than driving drunk?

Here’s a sobering fact:
Talking on a cellphone — even hands free — is just as dangerous as driving drunk.
Texting and driving is six times worse, making a crash 23 times more likely.

To Drive Safer
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The message is clear: When you turn on your car, turn off your phone.

It’s the number-one safe driving habit of our generation.
And the number-one reason to drive with Sentinel.

What Parents Have to Say

” I’d like to put this in about half the cars I see on my daily commute!! “

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We are asking mobile device makers like Apple and Samsung to change “Airplane Mode” to “Airplane/Drive Mode” and we need your help!

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