How It Works

Plenty of apps and products claim to fight distracted driving, but Sentinel is different. Here’s why.

Sentinel Reinforces the #1 Safe
Driving Habit of Our Generation:

When you turn on your car, turn off your phone. But don’t worry, parents can still get in touch!
Safe Driving Habits Teen
Distracted Teens in a Car

Sentinel Makes Your Car
a Distraction-Free Zone

App-based products can only prevent distraction from the phone they are downloaded to. Sentinel is vehicle-based, so it discourages distraction from any phone in the car.

Sentinel is Based on Science

Sentinel effectively combines three
proven aspects of behavior-shaping science:
Audio alerts, accountability and progress tracking.
Concerned Parent Checking Sentinel App
Stereo speaker giving sentinel audio alerts
Audio Alerts

Just like the seat belt chime, Sentinel reminds teens to turn off their phones (or choose Airplane mode) behind the wheel — until it becomes a habit. If a parent needs to get in touch, Sentinel will let them know to safely pull over and turn on their phone.


If a driver ignores Sentinel’s audio alerts, Sentinel reports that to the parent. Sentinel alerts parents of cellphone activity, speeding, driving outside a parent-approved radius or driving past the curfew they set. This accountability encourages safer behavior.

Teen reading alert
Father checking alert
Sentinel Keeps Parents Informed

Sentinel is one of the most powerful driver activity tracking tools available to parents, so families can see problems, track progress, and have better conversations about driving safer. Plus, studies show that seeing progress over time helps reinforce new behaviors.

Safer Driving Starts Today

Talking on a cellphone is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Texting and driving is six times worse, making teens 23 times more likely to crash. Put the brakes on distracted driving, with Sentinel.